Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Welcome to the new site

In response to LiveJournal's new Russian ownership and subsequent anti-LGBTQ policies, I've moved here. Because really, fuck those guys. (Archives at http://corvikate.livejournal.com/.)

Spring is upon us. Summer won't be far behind. The azaleas and pear trees started in February, and we're already through with dogwoods. I really need to get some tomato plants in soon.

Last weekend, I went to Schenectady, NY, to attend a family wedding. It was bittersweet - I love my cousin's daughters and I'm always glad to see them, but god damn, I miss Cath. (She died four years ago from a glioblastoma brain tumor.) While there, I also went to visit my Dad, who lives about 30 minutes away. He's doing well, and we had a great time visiting. I'm glad I went. When your Dad's 82, you want to see him as much as possible, especially if you live 12 hours' drive away.

My service commitments are at the point now that I get about one weekend a month at home. Between AA and the SCA, I'm out of the house three or four weekends every month. This is my weekend, though I'll be going to see Mom and Phil on Easter. Or, at least, I will if I don't get the awful cold that David has. He's had a barking cough for a week. On my rare free weekend, I hope to do a little cleaning and warp my loom with a new project.

A year ago last week, I got my little dog, Ivy. She is just delightful, and I'm so glad I have her. She is short and stout and scruffy looking, and not afraid of much. She looks and acts like a terrier, but she is half Shih Tzu and half beagle (note the coat pattern and tail). (How I love that little white tail tip.)

We've had Jake for about three years now. He is a 90 pound sweetie pie. He's a good boy, mostly: he's gentle and tolerant and never barks at strangers, but he is utterly untrustworthy around food. He'll steal anything and gobble it as fast as he can. He got a roasted chicken carcass off the counter last fall, and it apparently passed through him without harm. We changed his middle name to Dispos-All.

We've had George the cat for two years.

Such a handsome boy, and he's very tolerant of Ivy. When she first came home, they'd wrestle, and he would be on top. Now, she mugs him when she comes in the door. She outweighs him by 50%. They still play, but she has the advantage now. As far as I can tell, George has never really whacked her. Ivy shows no fear of him or Jake, at all. 

The house is unconscionably filthy, but full of love. And dust bunnies.

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