Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New season, new office

Our organization has been building a new three story building for the past two years. It's finished at last! We moved in yesterday and today, and WOW. I'm in an office with two big windows. The windows in my old office were up at the ceiling level, so they let in light but you wouldn't see out. Now I have a view in two directions. The space is smaller, but workable.

The new building is very nice, and well thought out. It's a little trouble getting used to the change, but soon it will be like we were always here. Yesterday, we got training on how to use the room dividers without breaking things or pinching our fingers. Good information.

One thing about the construction: we've had no parking on site since January of 2016. They have to knock down the old buildings (that we just vacated), and create a parking lot in that space. This is projected to take until December, so we are still parking off site and taking a shuttle back and forth. I can walk in the cooler weather, but in the hot, humid, eight month summer, I have to take the shuttle. I'm a Yankee, I melt like a candy bar on a dashboard.

One of my service jobs in AA this year has been to chair a committee to put on a big party for the annual Founders' Day celebration. It was last Saturday, and it went fine - no smoke or bodies, we're good. But I had a spot of brilliance on Monday and wrote up organizational information for the next poor sucker, I mean chairperson, so they don't have to figure it out from scratch. I would have appreciated having it myself!

Other than that, I'm recovering from some mild depression that I didn't even know I was in. I've re-joined the gym, and I have an appointment with a counselor later this month. I'm thinking about getting a master's degree. (Feel free to try and talk me out of this.) I'm nearly 55, but I'm never going to escape the admin gig if I don't try something new. I still need to get hold of the local university and see what I need to do to make this happen. I've had a pretty heavy workload the last few weeks, but it will slow down in July. So things are changing all around.

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